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Lithium battery for vehicles is becoming a global research and development hotspot, and the market scale will increase sharply.

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Due to the popularity of environmentally friendly vehicles worldwide and the popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, the lithium battery market for vehicles will expand rapidly in the next few years. "The market is expected to expand rapidly to 2.25 trillion yen (24.8 billion U.S. dollars) by 2014, about 215 times that of 2008." This is the latest statistical data obtained by Fuji Economic Research Institute, a specialized market research institution in Japan. 

In order to cope with the dual pressures of emission reduction and increasing shortage of oil resources, most countries regard the development of new energy vehicles as the most important way to revitalize their automobile industry, save energy and reduce emissions. China and the United States, which are under the greatest pressure to reduce emissions, have become standard bearers in promoting the development of new energy vehicles. A few days ago, China and the United States issued a "Joint Statement" saying that the two sides will launch the China-United States electric vehicle initiative so that millions of electric vehicles will be put into use in the next few years.

However, in the "Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of the Automobile Industry" issued in March last year, China also set a general target for the development of new energy vehicles-in the next three years, China will form a capacity of 500,000 pure electric rechargeable hybrid and ordinary hybrid new energy vehicles. By 2012, 10% of new cars will be energy-saving and new energy vehicles, and the output value of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 500 billion yuan.

Faced with such an attractive market cake, domestic car companies, spare parts and other upstream enterprises have attended to this industry in order to take the lead. Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles have little technological gap with foreign countries, and there is the possibility of overtaking in corners, which further encourages the optimism of related enterprises to increase investment in new energy vehicles. Among them, lithium-ion battery, the vehicle power battery, has become the preferred target for research and development of major related enterprises.

  It is understood that at present hybrid electric vehicles mainly use Ni-MH battery technology, but some technical properties of Ni-MH battery, such as energy density, charging and discharging speed, etc., are close to theoretical limit values. Li-ion batteries have the advantages of high energy density, large capacity and no memory, which have been unanimously recognized by various automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers. At present, the focus of research and development in various countries is on Li-ion batteries.

According to different cathode materials, lithium batteries mainly include lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate. Among them, lithium iron phosphate is currently the most ideal lithium anode material for power vehicles. At present, among the pure electric vehicles launched by Chinese car companies, the power batteries are lithium batteries, and Chery and BYD use lithium iron phosphate.

Although China ranks third in the world in lithium battery production, there is a certain gap with Japan and the United States in product grade and technical level, and the industrialization of lithium batteries for vehicles has not really broken the topic. Sinotrust and other relevant research institutions pointed out that China's power battery production equipment is relatively backward, and many enterprises focus on materials and neglect the improvement of manufacturing equipment. At present, China's battery production equipment mainly depends on imports, with high prices, which is very unfavorable to the development of China's automotive power batteries. Before mass production of power batteries, advanced automation equipment research should be put first. In addition, most of China's power battery enterprises research and develop independently, and their funds are limited, which can only solve the basic problems of power batteries, making the technology difficult to be further promoted. There is a lack of sufficient communication between enterprises. They prefer to know about other people's situations while unwilling to talk about their own experiences, leading to the result that there is a common phenomenon of low-level repeated research.

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