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Lithium battery is the future development direction of batteries for power vehicles.

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Since the development of electric vehicles, the lead-acid battery is the first one to be applied to electric vehicle batteries because of its features of low cost and high cost performance, which is also the most widely used type of electric vehicle battery today. 

However, do you know the following? In fact, apart from VRLA maintenance-free batteries and colloid lead-acid batteries, which are collectively referred to as lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion batteries can also be used as batteries for electric vehicles.

At present, with the promotion of many pure electric vehicles, nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries are also widely used in electric vehicle batteries. Compared with lead-acid battery and lithium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery has the following advantages: 1. Single battery has long service life. Besides, high current charging and discharging characteristics are better than lead-acid battery’s. 2. Compared with lithium battery, its technology is more mature and has greater price advantage.

Ni-MH battery is also the only power battery that has been actually verified and commercialized and produced on a large scale in the battery system currently used in hybrid electric vehicles. Hybrid electric vehicle is the pioneer of electric vehicle development and the only way for the current electric vehicle market. Therefore, Ni-MH battery has a high utilization rate at present.

However, in the future, it will be undeniable to see that lithium battery will become the development direction of power battery. Lithium battery is light in weight, large in energy storage and pollution-free, but at present, due to technical limitations, its application in power vehicles is still very advantageous. The world has also taken advantage of lithium-ion batteries, and has invested in lithium-ion battery research wars. Research shows that surface lithium batteries will eventually replace lead-acid batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries and become the development direction of batteries for power vehicles in the future.

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